Tribunals are on the increase!

Tribunals rise by 25’000

Introduced in 2010, the Equality Act instils guidance on preventing discrimination in the workplace. Despite this long-standing law, workplace discrimination continues to be a systematic problem within many organisations, with Employment Tribunals receiving a total of 83,031 claims during 2015 – 2016, marking an increase of almost 25,000 on the previous year.

Employers need to increase their awareness of their legal responsibilities towards staff, both during the recruitment process and through employment. The complexity of the law means employers are not always familiar with government guidelines, particularly around protected characteristics.

The Federation of Small Businesses diversity chairwoman Helen Walbey said some employers simply did not know how to get help or information, and could be fearful of getting things wrong. The devastating consequence of this being that many employers are ultimately breaking the law, often by unconsciously discriminating.

With this in mind, Guardian Compliance have developed an excellent Equality and Diversity eLearning package. This training will go a long way to ensure that both employers and employees gain a better understanding of the regulations and learn how to effectively eliminate workplace discrimination and uphold employees’ rights to meet standards upheld by the law.


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